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40 Photos of Unique Steven Khalil Wedding Dresses Any Bride Will Love

Steven Khalil makes dreamy weddings come true, and that's because he designs the most unique wedding dresses ever!
Steven Khalil is known as the king of bridal fashion in Sydney, Australia. If you take a closer look at Steven Khalil’s Instagram account to pick your favorite bridal look, you’ll end up picking lots of bridal looks that you adore, not just love.
To inspire all brides-to-be, I've picked 40 photos of wedding dresses designed by Steven Khalil, to show you how happy his brides were in their custom-made bridal looks. Each bride had a dress that truly reflected her personality, and perfectly matched her figure.
From big bows to sparkly wedding dresses, Steven Khalil proves why he’s the leading bridal designer in Australia, and why international celebrities love to wear his evening gowns too.
If you're a bride-to-be, then prepare yourself to be wowed by these gorgeous wedding dresses designed by Steven Khalil. 
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